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Unique among all the cuisines of the world, Belizean foods are a remarkable collaboration between peoples and generations, ingredients and cooking styles from Belize's most valuable asset ... its people.

Flavors of Belize is the most beautiful and comprehensive compilation of Belizean recipes and culture ever assembled.

Belize Recipes Belize Recipes
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The Cookbook!

The Nation's first hardcover cultural cookbook!


As Central America's gateway to the Caribbean, the beautiful beaches of Belize welcomed a fascinating parade of immigrants from remote corners of the globe. When all these cultures came to peacefully co-exist in one small geography, the food was magically infused with a worldly flair! That is what makes Belizean Cuisine so different from any other part of the world.

With over 120 authentic Belizean recipes this cookbook represents the most delectable foods of Belize, many handed down through generations. The cookbook features recipes from over 10 different ethnic groups which reside in our beautiful gem.

Flavors of Belize Cookbook Flavors of Belize Cookbook

The Country: Belize

Belize has a diverse society, comprising of many cultures and languages. It is the only nation in the region with a British colonial heritage, with English as the first language.

Being such a small country, Belize boasts a surprisingly diverse terrain, much of which consists of exotic wildlife and dense rain forest, primarily located in western Belize. On the east coast, Belize boasts the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and is a diver's paradise! In the South lies the Cockscomb Basin which is home to the first jaguar reserve in the world. Belize is an unforgettable destination for eco-tourists, divers and nature lovers alike.  With direct flights from the US, it should be next on your vacation list!

The Magazine

In 2009, McNab Publishing Ltd., launched Flavors of Belize - The Magazine, Belize's first comprehensive culinary periodical.  Featuring restaurants, bars and hotspots from all corners of the country, this guide offers travelers an insight to some of the best dining options available in our country.  In addition, it also gives us the opportunity to feature some of Belize's best locally produced products such as beer, rum, chocolate, hot sauces and much more!

Published every year, the periodical is featured in many hotel rooms across the country as well as airports and entry points to our country.

Flavors of Belize Magazine Flavors of Belize Magazine

The Publisher

Tanya McNab has been the visionary behind the highly regarded Flavors of Belize magazine since its launch in 2009. Her everyday responsibilities include the directing of all the creative services of McNab Publishing Ltd., Dots Per Inch Ltd., and McNab Design Studio.

She created the Flavors of Belize cookbook to engender an exchange of Belizean food and culture with the rest of the world. It is her wish that every kitchen will experience something special from Belize, and that you share this book and its wonderful recipes with your family and friends. Tanya has won numerous international awards for design and continues to produce evocative and compelling designs to a variety of clients.  She lives and works in Belize City.

Tanya McNab Tanya McNab