Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

Gifting others may be one of my favorite parts of Christmas. There’s nothing I appreciate more than a good, homemade present not only made with love, but unique! Give the gift of tasting Belize this Christmas to your friends and family with homemade Vanilla Extract, Hibiscus Infused Vodka, and the easiest option of all – a Flavors of Belize cookbook! The Flavors of Belize cookbook makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes to cook, bake, or just enjoy authentic Belizean food. A cookbook is a gift that keeps on giving; speaking of, I highly recommend using your new, homemade Vanilla Extract in the Belizean Rum Cake recipe! 

Vanilla Extract


-       8 ounce glass bottle or jar

-       3-8 Belizean vanilla beans

-       1 cup Vodka, 35% Alcohol (or Rum)


-       Slice each bean down the length of the center using a sharp pairing knife.

-       Add beans to bottle and submerge completely with vodka.

-       Store in a dark, cool place, shaking bottle once a week to mix.

-       Let beans steep up for 4 weeks, and up to 1 year. Enjoy!

Notes: Vanilla beans are locally grown in Southern Belize. Beans can be removed after 8 weeks, but will continue to extract if left inside.

Hibiscus Vodka


-       750-milliliters of Vodka

-       8 pure hibiscus tea bags or ¼ cup dried hibiscus leaves

-       25 ounce bottle

-       Mason Jar


-       Steep hibiscus tea bags (tags removed) or dried petals in vodka for 4 hours; this varies depending on what you are flavoring your vodka with.

-       Strain flowers then decant into a clean glass bottle.

Notes: Fresh herbs, flowers, fruits and veggies generally require a longer infusion time, ranging from 7 days to a full month. Dried herbs and flowers cut range from a few hours to a couple weeks.


Purchase your copy online www.flavorsofbelize.com